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Contents for 2016
(in chronological order, starting with the last article)

ART 2484 Andrei V. Yakovenko. Notional problems in socio-political technologies
ART 2483 Tatyana Ye. Maltseva. Information-level entity and criteriality field of subjective development of the university
ART 2482 Valentina M. Moskaliuk. Education in the cultural space of modern society
ART 2481 Sergey V. Serebrennikov. Influence of professional deformation of the teacher personality on family relationships
ART 2480 Irina P. Kratinova. Formation of image deviations and deviant behavior of modern youth
ART 2479 Olga L. Danik. The formation of psychological defense and ways to strengthen it in adolescence: the theoretical aspect
ART 2478 Aleksandr E. Levchenko. Philosophy of Education: the Values of the Worldview Potential in Improving the Educator Professionalism
ART 2477 Pavel P. Sklyar. The relevance of humanitarian approaches to the training of highly professional specialists-humanistic
ART 2476 INFORMATION (A.A. Akhayan). Videoconference St. Petersburg-Lugansk-Vladivostok, on humanitarian technologies, conducted by the University of Dalia
ART 2475 INFORMATION (A.G. Levchenko). International Scientific and Practical Conference "Humanitarian Research and Socio-Political Technologies of Modernity" at Dalia University (Lugansk)
ART 2474 Anna Ā. Kochetova. Scientific management of the pilot schools as a condition of the interrelated development of pedagogical science and practice
ART 2473 Irina A. Bochkareva. Internet Support for the Teaching Practice of students in the Master’s program (Teaching education)
ART 2472 Anna Yu. Alexeenko. The results of an investigation of teachers ' readiness of the medical College to the self-evaluation of professional activity
ART 2471 Ālla P. Triapitcyna, Svetlana A. Pisareva. Scientific support experimental work, Herzen University Laboratory School
ART 2470 Natalia M. Fedorova. Networking programs training teachers in graduate programs
ART 2469 Ālla P. Triapitcyna, Svetlana A. Pisareva. Base chair at school: find modern landmarks of continuing education of teachers
ART 2468 Elfrida V. Balakireva. Activities of the Department of Pedagogy for orientation of schoolchildren to the profession of "teacher"
ART 2467 INFORMATION (V.V. Kravtsov). Dal'- infokom Forum-2016 in Vladivostok: the section "Information technologies in education"

ART 2466 Pavel P. Sklyar. Directions of the evolution of modern higher education
ART 2465 INFORMATION (T.E. Maltseva). International scientific-practical conference "Psychological and social problems of the XXI century: theory, practice, prospects"
ART 2464 Marita V. Yarmolinskaya, Natalia V. Ofitserova, Alla A. Spiridonova. On intra teacher training in modern educational environment of the school
ART 2463 Anzhelika N. Sazonova. On the question of educational interaction in the areas of training master "pedagogical education" and "psycho-pedagogical education"
ART 2462 Marina V. Seliverstova. To be lonely in the informational society
ART 2461 Sergey V. Rogovkin. Internet support of educational process in the logic of the application andragogical approach to corporate professional development specialists
ART 2460 Irina P. Kratinova, Yuriy Ni. Mechetniy, Dmitry A. Kotilevskiy. On the Problem of Transformation of Individual Consciousness in Conditions of the Increasing Influence of Information Technologies
ART 2459 Elena G. Koshevenko. Internet support of the educational process as a means of implementing the competency approach in secondary vocational teacher education
ART 2458 Aleksander E. Levchenko, Oksana A. Reznikova. The value of pedagogical interaction in the development of creative potential of pupils
ART 2457 Juliya A. Kubatina, Antonina V. Kovaleva, Elena A. Marusenko. Investigation of attitudes of today's youth to the family as a personal value
ART 2456 Andrey V. Buzovsky. Bilingual education in US schools as a social and psychological problem
ART 2455 Nona G. Avtodelyan, Andrew A. Akhayan, Maria V. Belozerskaya. On the design of high-tech multi-cultural educational environment in a multinational school
ART 2454 Tatyana E. Maltseva. On modern ways of university training of social workers
ART 2453 Olga L. Danik. The role of university teachers in improving the cognitive activity of students
ART 2452 Anna V. Terentjeva, Kira V. Romanenchuk. Legacy of Tamara K. Akhayan and pedagogical preparation of students at pedagogical high school
ART 2451 INFORMATION (A.A. Akhayan). "Stoll-Program-2016" support publication of research results in the field of pedagogy
ART 2450 Svetlana A. Koval. T.K.Akhayan name in the history of Leningrad-Petersburg scientific pedagogical school
ART 2449 Irina V. Gladkaya. Ideas T.K. Akhayan in the investigation of the problem of training future teachers
ART 2448 Sergey F. Ekhov. Valuable orientations of the scientific school of Professor Tamara K. Akhayan
ART 2447 INFORMATION (O.G. Zubareva, S.A. Pisareva, A.A. Akhayan). The publication of selected works T.K.Akhayan "Formation of ideological and moral convictions of schoolchildren in social-labor activity"
ART 2446 INFORMATION (I.A. Bochkareva). Seminar "Development of ideas of scientific school Tamara K. Akhayan in modern pedagogy"

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