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Contents for 2015
(in chronological order, starting with the last article)


ART 2445 Irina A. Bochkareva. Development of the Fund of Assessment Tools of the Master's Program (Teacher Education) 
ART 2444 Anna Yu. Alexeenko. The role of the humanitarian expertise in the procedure of attestation of College lecturer 
ART 2443 Svetlana B. Sudina. To the question about the peculiarities of formation of moral values in the early school years 
ART 2442 Eugene I. Tikhomirova. Subjective self-realization of students in creative and communicative situations 
ART 2441 Andrew A. Akhayan. Modernization of education: pedagogical problems of the application of Internet technologies - the theme of the Round Table discussion participants in the magazine "The Emissia.Offline Letters" 
ART 2440 Anzhelika N. Sazonova. Problems of human-dimension of education and pedagogical practices as a subject of discussion, the participants of All-Russian scientific-practical conference in Vladivostok


ART 2439 Valery E. Mochulaev, Polina V. Ostromuhova. On the procedure for updating the content of programs of additional education of children
ART 2438 Elena V. Piskunova. The standard of professional activity as the factor of provision of the university graduates’ readiness to professional activity
ART 2437 Tamara S. Volokh. On the development of the social and legal competence of the student at different stages of general education
ART 2436 Vadim A. Medyushko. Features of the non-verbal functions of primary schoolchildren living in an orphanage, foster and biological family
ART 2435 Svetlana S. Tikhomirova. Results of the study of representations of teacher education undergraduates about the purpose of the research activities in educational organizations
ART 2434 Elena N. Fedorova, Liudmila M. Fedoryak. Dialogical interaction of sabjects of educational process of pedagogical universities: value-semantic approach
ART 2433 Ekaterina V. Namsing, Maria V. Myakisheva. The changes of teachers’ activities in students school adaptation in the context of the professional standard Implementation
ART 2432 Svetlana A. Pisareva, Alla P. Tryapitsyna. Professional teaching activities: new labor reality
ART 2431 Lyubov K. Geykhman, Elena N. Yaroslavova, Marina G. Fedotova. Technological competence in foreign language education
ART 2430 Nina V. Bagramova, Nadezhda V. Djura. Phraseological Competency Structure and Its Being A Part Of Communicative Competence
ART 2429 Liliya A. Kolmakova. The practice of cognitive visualization of educational information to improve teaching and learning activities of students of professional educational institutions
ART 2428 Andrew A. Akhayan, Anzhelika N. Sazonova. On the relation between the concepts of "high-tech information and educational environment" and "info-knowledge-sphere"
ART 2427 Rimma A. Cheremisinova. Factors of Effectiveness of Written Discourse Production as a product of Foreign Language Communication in Foreign Language University Students
ART 2426 Natalia V. Savina, Tatiana I. Lazdina. On the question of developing leadership competence of the future managers in the educational process of high school
ART 2425 Anzhelika N. Sazonova. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the problem of designing pedagogical magistracy
ART 2424 Mària V. Komissarova. On the basis of methodological studies of historical and pedagogical aspects of music education in Russia in the second half of XIX - early XX centuries
ART 2423 Valeria A. Meng. Creating an educational film as an implementer of the competency approach in high school
ART 2422 Lyudmila V. Merkulova, Anastasiya P. Eremina. Regional universities' network cooperation as a new educational strategy
ART 2421 Rustam Sh. Abdullakhitov. Technology of building translation competence of higher non-language school students
ART 2420 Marina L. Kovalenko. The concept and phenomenon of resistance to training
ART 2419 Irina Yu. Gutnik. The study of views of teachers on the importance of the use of pedagogical diagnostics in modern educational process
ART 2418 Olga V. Bolukh, Victoria I. Snegurova. System requirements tasks, contributing to the formation of the action of “prediction”
ART 2417 Marina L. Mouravova. Linguistic-methodological problems of the interconnected training Ossetian and Russian languages under Ossetian primary school
ART 2416 Elena S. Zair-Bek, Elena V. Piskunova. Foreign teacher professional development support experience
ART 2415 Yulia A. Afonkina, Galina V. Zhigunova, Tatyana V. Kuzmicheva. Self-actualization of young people: problem setting in the integrative-inclusive paradigm
ART 2414 Alexander A. Orlov, Ludmila A. Orlova. Monitoring in the system of the evaluation of the new results of educational process in VUZ (Institute of Higher Education)
ART 2413 Natalia A. Rychkova. Stuttering: research in the theory and history of speech therapy
ART 2412 Natalja V. Zorkina. The perception of cognitive initiative high school students and teachers
ART 2411 Valentina V. Maksimova. About the study efficiency of educational collectives in educational institutions
ART 2410 Xenia V. Yekimovà, Alexander S. Samoilov. The development of professional value orientations of future teachers in the process of socio-pedagogical design
ART 2409 Ilya N. Trotsenko. The interpretation of the concept of patriotism in contemporary pedagogical research
ART 2408 Svetlana A. Kotova, Ludmila U. Savinova. Primary schoolchildren`s results of studying basic moral concepts in the course "Fundamentals of religious culture and secular ethics"
ART 2407 Daria I. Lapsina. The attitude of non-pedagogical master’s degree students toward the pedagogy learning
ART 2406 Galina V. Kuchterina, Zhanna Yu. Bruk. The relationship of adolescents resilience and protective strategies of coping
ART 2405 Tatiana A. Bezenkova. Training of future social teacher to work on the organization of leisure of children and adolescents
ART 2404 Svetlana V. Molodenova. Gender features of adolescents’ Self-Image dynamics
ART 2403 Valery E. Mochulaev, Polina V. Ostromukhova. On a possible method to improve the process of constructing the content of educational programs of additional education for children based on a textual approach


ART 2402 Nadezhda V. Primchuk. Forms of students – future teacher’s communication in the process of professional training
ART 2401 Elvira R. Saitbaeva, Natalya A. Martinenko. Managing the implementation the new system of assessing the quality of educational outcomes in rural schools
ART 2400 Anna K. Veksler. Justification of the assessment criteria artistic and creative part of the final qualification work (bachelor, specialist, master) in the field of decorative arts
ART 2399 Natalia A. Samsikova, Natalia L. Stefanova. Ìethodological support of students’ independent work with subject content in the course «methods of teaching mathematics»
ART 2398 Elena Yu. Kuprienko. The concept and typology of mathematical projects
ART 2397 Nataliya V. Nikanorkina. On the use of tasks containing professional-oriented component of students of economic Universities when education mathematics
ART 2396 Anna S. Gavrilova. On the level of self-organization, older preschoolers
ART 2395 Tatiana A. Flenina, Anna B. Bogdanovskaya, Meria M. Semenova, Anastasia P. Streltsova. The relations between personality traits and online identity aspects of the youth
ART 2394 Tatiana V. Panteleeva. The Peculiarities of Internet Addicts Emotional Intellect in Early Youth
ART 2393 Elena V. Kozlovskaia. About development of foreign communicative competence of future psychologists
ART 2392 Olga V. Makarova, Irina P. Panfilova. The results of the diagnosis of the Motherland image of primary school children
ART 2391 Yuri V. Eremin, Ekaterina I. Zadorozhnaia. The principal methodological issues of the contemporary foreign language lesson under National (Federal) Education Standards
ART 2390 Victor B. Karpov, Michael Yu. Kasavtsev. Diagnostics of the individual trainee as a tool to improve the quality of training of military specialists 
ART 2389 Tatiana A. Flenina, Anna B. Bogdanovskaya, Anna V. Klimanova. Formation factors of the online identity of the youth 
ART 2388 Elena G. Koshevenko. On the internet support the training of students of pedagogical college 
ART 2387 Julija A. Kalinova. The development of divergent thinking in studying geometry in 7- 9 classes 
ART 2386 Liliya V. Rezinkina. Software-modular approach in the development of human resources of the municipality 
ART 2385 Elena M. Shemilina. Violations of the parent with respect to the teenager: can help tutor? 
ART 2384 Maria V. Vinokhodova. Analyzing the results of the empirical research of how school seniors understand the terms «Fatherland» and «Native land» 
ART 2383 Elena À.Koshkina. Educational literature as a source of studying of the history of terminology of domestic didactics 
ART 2382 Irina L. Korzhevich. The perspectives of the research into the informal leadership in students’ groups with the help of the author’s modification of the Family System Test (FAST), by Thomas M. Gehring 
ART 2381 Marina S. Ignatenko. From the history of students research activity at the Department  of Pedology of the Herzen  Pedogogical Institute 
ART 2380 Elena A. Kedyarova, Margarita Y. Uvarova, Nadezhda I. Chernetskaya. Professional deformation of women in 'male' profession 
ART 2379 Tatyana Y. Usha. Lingvokulturologiya’s units of the textbook in perception pupils-enophone (“foreignphone”) and native speakers of Russian
ART 2378 Tatiana V. Shabanova. The formation of citizenship of students in order to counter the ideology of terrorism 
ART 2377 Tatyana B. Shurilova. The justification of methodological approaches address the problem of formation of the scientific worldview of pupils in the conditions of modern Russian school 
ART 2376 Irina V. Frolova, Julia N.Glukhova. On the issue of international equivalency evaluation of French Academic Olympics 
ART 2375 Xenia V. Yekimovà. Learning difficulties of training University students in research activities 
ART 2374 Vyacheslav A. Doronin, Yulia S. Ostroumova, Samuil D. Khanin. The electronic properties of nanostructures as a subject of research in teaching physicsundergraduates of universities  
ART 2373 Anastasia A. Kudryashova. An Elementary Student as a Subject of Learning Activities For Foreign Language Communication Acquisition 
ART 2372 Anzhelika N. Sazonova. Educational Cluster as a Mechanism for Organizing Master’s Training 
ART 2371 Marina S. Ignatenko. Succession psychological academic ideas of scientists of Herzen Pedagogical Institute in 19th-first third of the 20th century 
ART 2370 Larisa H. Davletshina. Experimental work on formation of ecological culture of younger school students taking into account spiritual and moral aspect 
ART 2369 Elena E. Zaharova. On the value and meaning of the future police 
ART 2368 Tatiana A. Flenina, Anna B. Bogdanovskaya, Anna V. Klimanova. The possibility of using content analysis in the study of online identity of Russian youth 
ART 2367 Vladislav Y. Semenov. An analysis of the age-sex features of emotional intelligence of schoolchildren and adolescents

#5 MAY

ART 2366 Evgeniya I. Tikhomirova, Tatiana A. Lyapunov. The image of  "I am a healthy teenager" in the representation of students of secondary school 
ART 2365 Daria A. Rusanova. Self-assessment and peer assessment in the training of future quality managers
ART2364 Olga V. Evgrafova. Features of family relationships in families of adolescents with substance use experience
ART 2363 Julia A. Sankova. Rep resentation students of the cultural environment of a megalopolis as a means of spiritual and moral self-development
ART2362 Tatiana A. Flenina. Approaches to the psychological research of online identity phenomenon
ART 2361 Anastasiya A. Kandul. Ways of representing the content of personality - oriented training
ART 2360 Marina S. Yakushkina, Marina R. Ilakavichus. Social Centre as a group subject of modern society
ART 2359 Timur N. Berkaliev, Natalia S. Zakharkova. The experience of systematic persecution in high school as a risk factor for acute psychological crisis early adulthood

ART 2358 Olga V. Krotova.Preparation of primary school teachers to use the results of diagnostics of level of development and formation of moral concepts in the work of moral education of pupils

ART 2357 Viacheslav V. Babiyak. Hand-drawn etude and the scetch as varieties educational support graphics

ART 2356 Anna B. Bogdanovskaya. Development and testing of the author's technique of "Autobiographical memories rating scale"

ART 2355 Ekaterina U. Bekasova. Experience the semantic analysis of «the world's representation» in different language student groups


ART 2354 Alexander A. Orlov. Functions of the pedagogical assessment results of the educational process in the modern university

ART 2353 Guldar F. Ibragimowa. About the development of younger students learning and cognitive competence in the process of extracurricular intellectual activity

ART 2352  Evgenia I. Brazhnik, Anna D. Abashina, Elvira I. Sundukova, Nellie F. Maslova. Design of educational programs as a way to optimize the scientific research work of students

ART 2351 Yuri V. Eryomin, Natalya V. Strelnikova. Discoursive aspect of moral education and  personality development in the process of intercultural foreign language communication

ART 2350  Elena M. Reznik. Training the establishment of meaningful connections, as a means of implementing deductive proof

ART 2349 Anastasia A. Kudryashova. Contents and Process Components of the Technique for Acquiring Learning Speech Interaction Skills in Foreign Language Teaching at Primary School

ART 2348 Alexander V. Pryadko. The study of willingness to elementary school teachers to innovate

ART 2347 Anna B. Bogdanovskaya. Methodology and research methods of autobiographical narrative in contemporary humanities

ART 2346 Inna I. Zvereva. Dynamics of value orientations of students in terms of College education

ART 2345 Olga A. Tumanova. The results of applying the methodology Cooperation Organization students on science lessons based on Web 2.0 technologies

ART 2344 Tatiana D. Bulgakova. School as a Device for Transforming the Culture of the Indigenous Peoples of the North during the Period of the Soviet Rule Formation

ART 2343 Ekaterina U.  Bekasova. Modern lines of research "world's representation" in the national psychology


ART 2342 INFORMATION (A.A. Akhayan). Print smart version of online journal The Emissia.Offline Letters

ART 2341 Tatiana D. Bulgakova. Student compositions based on structural and semantic analysis of the tales of the North, as an aid in the development of methods for the analytical description of tales

ART 2340 Lubov A. Asambaeva. The conditions for the developing of the idea of educational differentiation in the domestic pedagogical science in the 20-s years of the 20-th century

ART 2339 Inessa S. Batrakova, Alexander V. Tryapitsyn. Development of the concepts of high school educational process

ART 2338 Irina E. Shemyakina. On the development of self-competence at cadets of military high school in a changing educational environment

ART 2337 Antonina P. Vinogradova. Experimental studying of modern teachers’ professional difficulties

ART 2336 Severina V. Ivanova. Modern studies of models of e-learning

ART 2335 Bela H. Hamukova. About relevance of gaming pedagogical techniques for tolerance education

ART 2334 Ludmila A. Novikova. Formation of professional intercultural competence of students in the foreign languages educational process

ART 2333 Olga A. Ivashedkina. Development of students design and research activities in the course of "Natural"

ART 2332 Lidiia I. Agafonova, Yuri V. Eremin. Use of Vkontakte  Social Networking Site in Blended Foreign Languages Learning Courses

ART 2331 Anna V. Rubtsova, Yuri V. Eremin, Nadezhda I. Almazova.  Axiological aspects of the foreign languages education. Principals of pedagogical paradigm renovation


ART 2330 Tatiana Yu. Trefilova. Theoretical rationale and experience of teacher training technical College for use of the point-rating system of evaluation

ART 2329 Inna N. Kaufman, Vyacheslav V. Kravtsov. On the issue of socialization of senior pupils in the conditions of the temporary group of children (pilot regular camp)

ART 2328 Ekaterina A. Gorbarenko. To the problem of genre and stylistic identity preservation of secondary scientific text in the English Language

ART 2327 Lyubov B. Malykhina. Generational features of professional development of teachers of additional education

ART 2326 Ekaterina Y. Romashina. The New Russian Primer with Brief Homilies and Stories:the problem of attribution

ART 2325 Tatyana I. Volkova, Dmitry V. Maltsev, Olga M. Tsar'kova. On the experience of training teachers of Informatization of School education

ART 2324 Maria N. Goranskaya. The range of exercises and tasks aimed at the formation of compensation competence in official business writing of students not majoring in foreign languages

ART 2323 Yruiy M. Sosnovsky, Natalya À. Khmyrova. Solution of contextual tasks in physics as method of an assessment of kompetentnost of students of technical universities

ART 2322 Irina S. Ivanova. The relationship of attachment to mother and self relation  in young adolescents

ART 2321 Anna V. Rubtsova, Elena N. Jelestratova. Productive approach to forming students’ discursive grammar competence in linguistic university

ART 2320 Yuliya V. Lobzina. Moscow mathematics society: origin background and the first years of existence

ART 2319 Evgenie I. Brazhnik, Olga V. Rojtblat, Nadezhda N. Surtaeva. Development of the theory of non-formal education in pedagogical researches


ART 2318 Irina P. Volkova, Natalya N. Koroleva, Andrew Z. Sverdlov. Individual and typological and biosocial characteristics in structure of adaptation potential of the identity of visually impaired persons

ART 2317 Andrew A. Akhayan. Information: Stoll Program support publication of research results in the field of pedagogy in 2015 year

ART 2316 Maria P. Voyushina, Ekaterina P. Suvorova. Organization of interaction of school and extracurricular cultural and educational environment in the educational sistem "dialog"

ART 2315 Dmitri E. Starichenko. Formation of abilities picturesque vision of nature in students of art specialties

ART 2314 Galina V. Nikulina. Visually impaired school students as individuals of inclusive education

ART 2313 Vladimir I. Semenov, Elena V. Semenova. The Multifunctionality of the Student’s English Theatre in the Bachelor’s Training in Pedagogical High School

ART 2312 Olga S. Sapanzha. Assessment of the effectiveness of the network of master's programs in the field of teacher education (on the example of the “Regional cultural tourism”)

ART 2311 Nina V. Bagramova, Elena A. Lifanova. The role of interlanguage in the process of foreign language acquisition

ART 2310 Irina A. Kudryavtseva. Use Unlambda esoteric language in the learning process of theoretical programming students IT-specialties

ART 2309 Anna S. Stepanova, Anna K. Vinyukova. The ancient philosophical background ideas, concepts and principles of teaching of heuristics

ART 2308 Yuri T. Matasov. Inclusion Project: Status and Prospects

ART 2307 Ekaterina V. Zaytceva. Cross curriculum links as a didactic basis of cross curriculum programs 

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